“Thank you for introducing Vinagreen. I remember my Grandmother using vinegar to clean everything around her house. I remember it because of the distinctive smell, which I hated. But Granny always raved about how vinegar did the job. So that stuck with me, and when I saw your product, I decided to try it. And I’m happy to report that there is absolutely no vinegar odor at all with Vinagreen once the dishes are cleaned. You will actually smell a hint of lemon instead!. Now, I have the best of both worlds.”  — Linda K., Redding, Conn.

“With no other dishwashing products out there that are all natural, I tried mixing a concoction of vinegar, lemon juice and a little table salt in a jar and then pouring it into the machine. But, what a mess. And it didn’t work like I had hoped. After learning about Vinagreen, I tried it and wow, this stuff’s amazing. You guys know what you’re doing, and are obviously are using the best ingredients … in the right amounts. I’m putting my chemistry set away for good. Thanks Vinagreen.” — Yorktown, NY

“I feel so stupid. I never knew soaps and household cleaners had so many chemicals in them. I figured soap is soap, how could it hurt you? Now I am looking at every label and am becoming much more aware of every product I bring into my home. Thanks folks for opening my eyes. Vinagreen is now the only dish detergent I’ll buy.” — Jane K., West Hartford, Conn.

“Since learning all about the pesticides on our vegetables and the dangers of farmed fish, I have tried to serve my family only organic. I now follow health related blogs, which tell it like it is, and am educating myself on the dangers of chemical additives. I’ve changed shampoos, cosmetics and now am onto household cleaners. I am so happy to have come across Vinagreen that washes dishes clean with no chemicals. We have been eating off plates washed in chemicals for years. It’s high time we get rid of what we can!” — Lauren T., Wyckoff, NJ

“You know your dishwashing powder works well, so that’s not what I’m writing about. Your Vinagreen bag is adorable! I’m a senior citizen and have a bit of arthritis in my wrists, making it difficult for me to lift heavy objects. My nephew brought over Vinagreen™ for me to try and I was happy I could lift the entire bag without any pain. The packettes in the bag are cute and easy to use. I usually let my dishwasher get full before I run it, and it’s astounding to me how just one of those packettes can do the entire load.  Little tip, I now reuse the empty bags for odds and ends around the house.” — Mildred C., New York, NY

“I am a long-time user of another dishwashing detergent. My chief complaint with it was that it didn’t remove food odors. I’m not too fussy about that, but my kids won’t eat off the dishes that smell. The big offender is dishes with dried egg yolks on them. Now that’s an odor that’s hard to get rid of. I saw your Vinagreen ad and figured, what have I got to lose? Well, you won yourselves a customer. Last week I loaded the dishwasher with breakfast dishes and that night did a load. It was unbelievable, not one dish had even the slightest egg odor. Nothing smelled.  Many thanks for the help.” — Hank B., Miami, FL