“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” — Plato

When Josephine Cochrane invented the first practical dishwashing machine in 1886, little did she realize the major impact her creation would have on American households. Although, it wasn’t until the 1950s when women working outside the home embraced the dishwasher as a necessary kitchen appliance. And along with it came an onslaught of automatic dishwashing detergents.

After six decades, automatic dishwashing products have evolved from powders and liquids to tablets and gels. Each form had a common denominator: The pledge that dishes would sparkle, glassware would glisten, and pots and pans would gleam. That promise was kept thanks to 21-century dishwashers with sophisticated rinse cycles. However, despite technological advances, today’s dishwashers continue to leave something behind: An invisible layer of unhealthy chemicals, which no amount of washing can remove. What’s more, when the dishwasher dial clicks to the “Rinse” cycle, the chemical-laden dirty dishwater eventually ends up polluting the environment.

Enter Vinagreen™
100% All Natural Dishwashing Powder

safe and effective alternative
that cleans without chemicals.

The environmentally driven team at Vinagreen™ put their combined skills together to create a unique automatic dishwashing detergent that would easily remove dish debris, with zero consequence to any living thing. Vinagreen™ 100% All Natural Dishwashing Powder contains three especially formulated ingredients: Vinegar, Lemon and Himalayan Sea Salt. How simple is that? Well, not really. The secret to Vinagreen’s powerful, yet 100 percent all natural cleansing capabilities took years to develop. We work with a remarkable group of chemists who were concerned about the health and welfare of people and our planet. No, you just can’t mix up a little vinegar, lemon and sea salt from home and get Vinagreen™. It took years of experimenting with different strengths of imported vinegar, lemon and sea salt in varying measures to ultimately get Vinagreen™— a trailblazer in the category. We saw a serious need in the marketplace and we came away with quite a fantastic, 100 percent all natural dishwashing powder, one that will stand the test of time.

— George Gorra, Creative Director and President, Vinagreen™